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Photo: Kirstine Autzen

Bettina Schori is a glass designer with a passion for upcycling.

Upcycling, also called creative reuse, is the process of transforming waste materials and discarded products into new objects of high quality.

Driven by a desire to use as few resources as possible, Bettina explores the opportunities of reuse. She challenges the materials and their expression at her studio in Copenhagen. When discarded products and flea market finds are combined in surprising new compositions they're transformed and get a new life in new contexts.

Bettinas interest in upcycling started with her exploration of reusing glass bottles. Bottles were a natural choice of material, since they can be found everywhere; in many sizes, shapes and colours. At Bettina's studio used bottles are altered and transformed. They are sawn, cut, heated and sandblasted. Often bottle parts are combined with other materials.

These materials can be anything from wooden objects to rubber gaskets, tin cans, silver trophies, tuppwerware, ventilation propellers, metal springs, porcelain figurines, mason jars, egg cups and much more...

At the moment Bettinas work centers around creating unique lamps. In addition she also creates sculptural objects and decoration.

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